Why Merge With Us?

It is common to ask why choose us for your publishing? Here are just a few reasons.

Small Independent Publishers are Hip:

  • We will publish page-turning high quality books in eBook and print format
  • We believe in hands on editing without compromising the author’s voice
  • We don’t just publish anyone (submit queries here)
  • Distinct Art & Design to make your book stand out
  • Impressive author royalties
  • Author is a major part of the publishing process
  • Marketing tools offered to help sell your book-however all publishers expect marketing from the author

Eco Friendly:

  • No waste with superfluous printing, book is printed when it’s ordered
  • E-books that sell immediately with Kindle, Nook and more
  • We only accept manuscripts by email, so don’t even try to mail it
  • Our site is powered by 130% Wind Energy

We’re Serious about Selling Your Book:

  • Distribution available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, as well as others
  • Get reviews of your book via contests and promotions, and on our website
  • Get “Book Buzz” with a news release that is targeted
  • Bookstore Friendly, whether it’s a large or independent
  • Book Group Friendly with special pricing to encourage more buzz about your book