Merge Team

The concept of Merge involves many creative minds working together. We are a consortium of talented writers, editors, proofreaders, and designers bringing together eloquently written prose, dynamic powerful editing, and visually striking art. We believe we can take the reader away, even if only momentarily, to another place and time with the stories we publish.

Here are some of the wonderful people of Merge.

Marci Diehl – Marci lives in the Finger Lakes area and is a writer by profession. She is also a marketing expert, a closet novelist, editor, and a founder of Merge since its inception. Look out for Marci’s book, What You Don’t Know Now, available this summer by Merge.

Don Stevens – Don is an author and founder of Merge. His background includes PR, marketing, sales, and wine. He invites writers to submit their own work and hopes to merge more authors, editors, designers, and readers. His marketing company , Finger Lakes Copywriting helps small businesses and authors build their brand. Check out Don’s book, A Taste for Death, available this summer by Merge.

Cynthia Kolko – Cynthia is an accomplished writer and creative communications professional. She is an executive editor at Merge and is eager to help new and seasoned authors get their best work published. Check out Cynthia’s book, Fruit of the Vine, published by Charles River Press.

Leslie Taylor – Leslie is the president of Buffalo Creative Group, where she and her husband combine their talents in graphic design.  Together they have many years of design experience in print, web and multi-media projects.

Willow – I am an experienced literary assistant, and have been a volunteer beta reader since 2009, with a knowledgeable, critical eye combined with a life-long love of words and ideas.

Theresa Moskowitz –Theresa has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember. In the last three years her reading has expanded in to reviewing for authors including: USA Today and NY Times bestselling authors. As a blogger, she reviews and features authors and was appointed Assistant Librarian to her local library. She lives in New Jersey with two of her four children and their family dog. As a beta reader she believes her experience and depth of reading across all genres has enabled her to develop valuable insights, which she shares with authors.

Diana Artemis – Diana was an NICU Nurse and Respiratory Therapist for 12 years until a genetic disorder make it impossible to work with patients. She is a voracious reader and loves to read/review/and promote books. She currently lives in East Texas posts reviews under Diana Page.

More team members merging with us soon.

Interesting in merging your talents with us? Contact us today to chat.