Small Press Book Publishing

Writing is generally a tough game to crack. Those who call themselves professional writers must be willing to poor their heart and soul into what they do. There is an inherent need to love the craft and continuously push any boundaries (writer’s block as it’s often referred to) time and time again. Even if a writer has managed to break through the metaphorical wall that is writer’s block and has created something he or she feels is worthy of publication, there is the literal hurdle to overcome with publication. However, these days many writers are choosing to ignore the path followed by most and are instead choosing to go the route of small press book publishing. Getting published through this channel as opposed to through the conventional big publisher route offers jaded writers something more than yet another rejection.

Differences Between Small Press and Big Publishers

Small press publication, such as Merge, offers a real chance to writers who are struggling to get their work out there. It certainly is possible to get books published though well known publishers but it’s very much an uphill battle. With the advent of small press publishing there is now an equal shot for every writer out there. It only makes sense to try this alternative route in order to get one’s foot in the door as opposed to constantly getting rejected. Furthermore, there are a lot of horror stories out there related to writers trying to get their work published with the leaders of the industry. By using small press book publishers there is a greater chance of not only getting work published but also establishing a warmer relationship with publishers. Smaller publishers are very much invested in selecting works related to their specific niches of interest and more often than not the editors will be willing to work with writers to truly create something captivating for the targeted audience. A writer’s book will turn out to be something hand crafted and as unique as it gets. Prospective writers should also be happy to know that their works will stay in publication for a much longer time than with big publishers. Small press publications will not only help struggling writers get their career started but they will also help capture the essence of said writer’s burning passion for the written language.

Small Press Book Publishers Work with Your Niche

After a writer has successfully worked with a publisher, big or small, naturally they will want to get their book in the hands of their prospective audience. Bigger publishers are going to have monumental budgets which means that writer’s have the luxury of having their book plastered in front of many eyeballs. There is no denying that when it comes to advertising big time publishers have the upper hand over small press book publishers. However, this does not mean a small press publisher will not put a writer’s book in circulation. It’s important to remember that smaller publishers are more dedicated to specific niches. So while they might not put a writer’s book in front of millions of random people they will advertise where it counts. These alternative publishers are very well connected with their targeted audience and will do everything they can to get a writer’s book in the hands of that audience.

Consider Small Press Publishers

While many professional writers may consider small press book publishing to be essentially giving up in the world of writing for pay (or leisure for that matter) this couldn’t be further from the truth. This alternative avenue truly offers an even level playing field for writers looking to get their foot in the door. Many times writers even find that they have better luck in the professional sense when using this route of publication. With small press book publishing there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain in the wake of big time publishers never giving most writers the time of day.