Currently, only 8-10 percent of manuscripts get accepted by Merge Publishing. When a manuscript is accepted through Merge Publishing’s 3 step submission process it will be offered Author Services.

Author Publishing Services:

Merge Publishing now offers author publishing services for all their accepted manuscripts. Author services will publish your work exclusively in as little as 3 months and is packaged with editorial, cover design, marketing and distribution services.

Traditional publishing: Traditional publishing is offered by our partner Freebird Express Publishing, however, they only publish a limited amount of titles per year. Average publishing timeline for accepted manuscripts for Freebird Express Publishing is one year and manuscripts will be evaluated individually through their respective submission process for quality standards.


Check out our packages below:

Compare Prices:

Big publishers also offer author packages and that can range anywhere between $13,000 to $20,000. Here is a list of some other publishers and their costs. Note: these were researched as of August 2018


  • Archway Publishing (from Simon and Schuster) $1,999-$13,999
  • Lulu $999-$2999 with no marketing
  • Trafford Publishing $699-$10,999
  • WayWord Author Services with minimal marketing $1500-$2560