3 Step Submission Process To Get Your Book Published

Your success rate of publishing, in general, will depend on a number of things:

  • Your writing (Is it professional or does it need polishing?)
  • You genre (Is it competitive or do you fit into the multi-genre category)
  • Your dedication (Are you building your career or is this a one-time fancy)
  • Your experience (Have you been published before?)
  • Your existing fans (Do you already have a readership? Do you need help building your fan base?)

The first step is the easiest. Send us a query about your project. The work must be completed and the more info you have, the better. When you email us, we’ll be looking for a reason why you think your work is publishable, and how it can be successful. It helps to bring up successful books that are similar to yours, or successful books in this genre.

If there is an interested in your work, we will ask you for sample chapters. Typically this is about three chapters (more or less) to get a feel of your book and your writing. It helps to have a synopsis at this point as well so we know where your book is going. One of our editors will decide if we need to see the rest of your work.

Congratulations! If you’ve reached this stage so we will request to see the rest of your book. Beta readers and/or editors will consider it and we will discuss with you options if your book is published with us. Note: not many writers get to this stage so if we are requesting to read your entire manuscript, we are serious to get you published. We will discuss different author services to get you published in as little as 3 months!

Are you ready? Submit your work today.