Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Merge Publishing we hope can answer. You can also contact us with your questions on our query form.

What do you mean everyone gets paid?

  • When a book sells, not just the author and publisher get paid, but the team who helped the book itself. Every project is special to us, we take time to make sure a book gets the best treatment available, and for this we compensate our team through sales. We actually give royalties to editors, proofreaders, and designers. The talented team continuously gets paid while the book is still published by Merge. At this time, beta readers are not compensated because not all books they read get published.

Are you accepting new authors?

  • Yes, we are. On our website we accept queries and will decide to see your work/project from there. We have test readers who will evaluate sample chapters, or entire books before we decide to publish. We may publish more books than we anticipate, but we plan on publishing quality vs. quantity.

How will you market books when they publish?

  • Marketing is a 24-7 job. This entails always looking for opportunities to promote our authors. Whether it’s getting new book reviews, interviews, book signings, etc. We offer an extensive marketing plan for authors and always welcome collaborative efforts to increase awareness.
  • Every book marketing effort includes a book launch, press kit, and news release to major book reviewers across America, including bloggers, librarians, and an extensive promotion with Amazon, Goodreads, and social media.
  •  The author is also encouraged to assist with marketing to help build their own brand with book interviews, book signings and appearances at conferences and book stores.
  • Some of the marketing includes:
  1. Press release to top major book editors of newspapers nationwide
  2. Distribution of news release to Google News  and/or Yahoo News
  3. Early review submission requests to national publications
  4. Accessible exposure to professional readers, reviewers, librarians
  5. Bookmarks, postcards, and/or posters, flyers
  6. Notify list of bloggers who review books
  7. Interviews with other writers on their blogs
  8. Interviews with radio, TV, or newspapers, or web
  9. Goodreads platform publicity and/or ads
  10. Merge website itself with SEO targeted keywords
  11. Guest Blogging on other sites
  12. Press Kits
  13. Video Trailers
  14. LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups to focused readers
  15. Google Plus, and Google Plus Hangouts and Hangouts On Air (Live shows)
  16. Facebook ads and campaigns
  17. Twitter campaigns and postings with #hashtags on genre
  18. Book exposure at Trade Shows, book expos, etc.
  19. Books at a table at shows, festivals, and book events (availability)
  20. E-blasts newsletters within our network
  21. Book signings at local or other bookstores, libraries, and other venues
  22. Amazon promotions
  23. StumbleUpon, Facebook, and/or Twitter campaigns
  24. Book groups
  25. Access to a list of Book Awards

Marketing is a combined effort, and since every book is one of a kind, some may have to be marketed differently. We are more than happy to exchange ideas with the author and editor to develop a book marketing strategy that will work best with each project.

Will booksellers carry printed books?

  • We plan on having some independent stores carrying some of our titles, depending on a store by store basis. The author can always set up to sell his or her own books to sell by creating their own distribution list for printed titles. Wholesalers are always welcome to contact us directly to carry our titles.
  • We also publish titles with Lightning Source, owned by Ingram, so booksellers such as Barnes and Noble and other stores can order the book directly.