Womb: a novel in utero

Womb: a novel in utero

“Imagine the kinetic spark of awareness, the jolting burst of heartbeat, the refreshing breath of air to virgin lungs. A moment ago you knew nil. You didn't exist. Now, you know all; you are here and you want to stay.”

Welcome to the journey toward childbirth, the magical experience before life begins. For this narrator-in-utero, life has already started. Ever wonder what a fetus thinks or feels before being born?

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About the Book

Penny is reluctant to tell her husband, Jack, that she’s pregnant. With dead-end jobs and unfulfilled lives, she believes that they’re not ready for a child. When Jack finds out the truth about their child’s conception, Penny must reevaluate the priorities in her life.

“With unpredictable twists and thought-provoking fetus commentary, the narrator shares his bumpy journey to birth from the all-knowing perspective of the womb.”

About the Author:

Eric D. Goodman was inspired to write Womb because he’s drawn to unusual things. The plot is extraordinary. The main character of the novel, who isn’t born yet, has the knowledge and perspective to narrate because, as he explains, a person in utero is still connected to the collective consciousness—the things that are generally known by all people of a society

Eric D. Goodman has been writing practically since he emerged from the womb. In addition to Womb: a novel in utero, Eric is the author of Tracks: A Novel in Stories and Flightless Goose, a storybook for children. His short fiction, travel stories, and nonfiction have been widely published. Born in California, he’s lived in Baltimore for nearly 20 years, where he writes about trains, exotic animals gone wild, and life in utero, among other subjects.

Genre: Literary
Publisher: Merge Publishing
Publication Year: March 21, 2017
Format: Print and ebook
Length: Novel
Narrator: Fetus
Illustrator: Leslie Taylor, Buffalo Creative Group
ISBN: 9780990443292

List Price: 17.99
eBook Price: 3.99
"Womb is an entertaining, provocative read that stays with the reader after he puts the book down."-
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