Everyone dreams of having their book published. While some authors are pleased with their e-book sales, some authors still love having their books printed. One of the reasons to have your book printed is having an author book signing. We’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to have a successful author book signing when your book is published.

Five Tips for a Successful Author Book Signing

Making Connections

In order to get the book signing started the author must first begin making connections. They must be willing to reach out to bookstores or other places they would like to hold a book signing to persuade the bookstore or other place of choice that having them there signing their books would be the best publicity for their business.

Advertise Your Book Signing

Once the author has been booked for a signing the advertising is not just the responsibility of the business but it is the author’s responsibility as well. Social media such and emails are great tools for this. If the author has a website posts the book signing event on the website to gain interest of the readers. Word of mouth is also helpful so the author should be sure to tell everyone they know the details of the signing because if the author brings in a crowd for the book signing they are likely to get more opportunities whether at the same place or someplace else.

Prepare For Your Book Signing (Books and Pens)

It is important to begin preparing well in advance before the event. The author must make sure all of the books will be in before the signing date so that there are no shortages on books. Of course if it is a book signing the author is going to need pens. Do not bring just one or two but be well prepared with several backup pens. The two most important tools the author will need are books and pens. Pens can be lost, run out of ink, and people sometimes tend to walk off with them. The prepared author will not let that leave them losing time and interest with the public searching for a pen. Having supplies are not the only important part to the being prepared.

Read the Best Excerpts

At many book signings authors read a passage or passages from their book to stir interest of the readers. Be prepared and know what will be read. It should also be practiced ahead of time to reduce nervousness and give an appearance that the author knows and connects with their book.

Merchandising Helps Build Your Brand

A book signing is a great opportunity for authors to bring promotional materials for other publications they may have available especially if they are sold by the business in which the book signing is being held. This is good promotions for both the author and the business. Bookmarks and pens are great items to share contact information with readers. Business cards work well too. This will have your website or author platform, social media channels, and contact info. Sharing contact information with the readers can lead to a larger fan base who may eagerly await new publications. The promotional materials may even intrigue the readers about materials that are coming soon.

Expect the Unexpected

During the book signing the author must be flexible as there are bound to be some surprises or parts that do not go as planned. It is important to stay calm and improvise as needed to keep the event going. Talking to the manager of the bookstore or business prior to the event to know how it will go and what to expect can help eliminate some of the surprises because many places do book signings and they can vary greatly from place to place. Regardless of the expectations and turn of events the author must maintain composure and stay polite.

Even after the event is over the author needs to remember to thank both the readers and staff of the business for their assistance and participation. Thank you notes for the place the event was held will help the author be remembered fondly and may increases chances for future book signings. This will also create a good reference for the author.

Any comments and other tips you have to share? Please leave them below.